Way to Go


Fun and adorable puzzles for everyone


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Way to Go is a 2D puzzle game starring three bold characters – Egg, Liz, and Rob – who embark on a mission to find the gems stolen by an evil, mysterious enemy. And getting them back won't be easy.

Despite being a puzzle game with more than 400 levels requiring your intelligence and skill, Way to Go also has a very good story told over more than 20 short videos starring these friendly, strange characters.

The gameplay, although very simple at first, gets more difficult as the game progresses. At the beginning you have to get just one character from Point A to Point B on each level, but further along you play several characters at once.

Way to Go's graphics are simple but charming. Everything has been hand-drawn and the designs of both the characters and the levels have undeniable charm.

Way to Go is a fun puzzle game that, besides having a very entertaining and addictive gameplay, tells a story kids are sure to love.
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